Music – everyone hears it in their own way. There are many genres of music and each of them has its admirers. For the average audience it is usually enough to have a radio and the fact that “something” is playing in the home, there are also those who, after closing the car door, regulate the potentiometer and immerse themselves in their favourite music. Music connects everyone, regardless of their equipment and circumstances in which they like to listen to it. The average recipient, however, does not wonder how this music is made and what makes it sound better or worse, but it can easily distinguish between the sound of the piano and the sound of the trumpet. However, people starting their adventure with music production often forget about mixing and mastering. In our opinion this is unacceptable, because these two seemingly inaudible things can change a lot. Many times we were visited by artists who bought a bit somewhere, added to it the vocal track and after putting the song together they were convinced that the song is ready and can be presented. More than once we proved that this was not the case, however, after performing the right mix and mastering, when the song was taking on a new sound.

That’s why it’s important to have bits in the tracks so that the song can be mixed after adding the vocal track. If the track is well mixed, we can do music mastering easier and better. We won’t convince anyone to do the mastering and mixing with us, everyone has a choice, by typing the London mastering slogan into the search engine, you can find a whole lot of companies doing the mastering. Each person mastering songs has examples of songs before and after mastering on their website. Differences are audible even on poor quality equipment. Of course you are welcome to visit the mastering section of our website, where you can listen to the tracks mastered by our studio, and also learn a little bit about the equipment we use for mastering. We take a very professional approach to mastering, we are able to perform mastering for CDs, vinyl, youtube and radio mastering. Check out our offer, choose wisely.