Art Black Studio was established in 2001, when we made our first projects for our clients. Over the years, our company has focused on continuous development, expansion of our machine park, and continuous improvement of customer service. Creating the company we had one goal in mind – effectiveness. We do not imagine doing a job that will be useless. For many years we have not only improved the quality of our products, but also their effectiveness by conducting various marketing tests. In the world of advertising and marketing it is impossible to learn something once. You have to improve every day, you have to be open to the changing world and welcome it with joy. Our mission is to deliver this happiness also for you, providing a service that really changes the way you look at the Internet market and the artistic world.


Art Black Studio is a place created for extraordinary people who believe in a more beautiful world and love to create it together with you. People who create a brand, always focus on the effects, squeezing the absolute maximum from each project. We are here to help you. Every day we want to give more and more of ourselves, overcome the limits, both our own and those imposed by the competition. We are capable of listening and willing to advise. We love the challenges that drive us. We say NO, for boring projects, both in the IT and artistic sectors. We put our hearts into what we do. Meet our team.


Our additional projects

Creativity is a gift, so days off work are a continuation of creativity. With passion we create our own brands, we realize ourselves artistically in music, drawing, photography and video. Below you can get acquainted with the effects of the work that we do in our free time.

#01 ePolak

The project was created in 2014. From the very beginning it is a place intended for the Polish community. ePolak is a modern catalogue, where the client can individually make changes to his profile and follow the companies he is interested in. The ePolak catalogue is also a source of reliable opinions left by the Polish community.We want this website to become a local guide to Polish businesses in  The United Kingdom. 

ePolak - Katalog polskich firm

#02 Wear.Lu

Brand clothing is a project that was created totally by coincidence, the motive for its creation was the desire to have extraordinary clothes, which are characterised by non-standard graphic forms, as well as high quality fabrics. Wear.Lu is a brand for anyone who looks at clothes from a different perspective. Wear.Lu is an open project – we invite everyone who loves good style and timeless design to join us. Wear.Lu is the fun of creating and cooperation with interesting people! Find out more about the project.

#03 7W Hosting

Our server room started its activity many years ago. We offer you fast, trouble-free servers that we take care of every day. Our machines are never overloaded and support reacts quickly to help you solve your problem. 7W is also a domain registrar.You will find here hundreds of web addresses  at attractive prices.We offer an Intuitive Server Management Panel and a whole range of add-ons as a basic solution. This  services is  addressed to all those who are looking for high-performance  server at a reasonable price. Now also packages with seo service !

7W Hosting