This time a real bonus for all lovers of four wheels and order in the garage. We all know perfectly well what it’s like with these garages – when we move into a new home, there’s always a plan to keep our garage tidy. This turns out to be impossible in most cases, because this garage is not only a room where we park our car, but also a room where we store literally everything. Children’s toys, clothes dryers or garden care equipment. With Garage Storage Solutions, we can still treat your garage as more than just a car warehouse, but with the system offered by Garage Storage Solutions, we’ll always be tidy. The whole point is to make a wall where we can hang anything – from bicycles, equipment such as shovels, rakes and brushes, to hanging cabinets where we can accommodate smaller items. The advantage of the system is easy assembly and disassembly. The wall panels are arranged in a convenient way to change the position of accessories and hangers available from the manufacturer. There is no need to write about it – see for yourself how such a system works in practice.