Website Positioning

The company Art Black Studio offers a website positioning service in the UK. Our service is a so-called white SEO so you can sleep peacefully. We do not use illegal positioning techniques, the website will not be stopped or filtered in the search engines. Our positioning services are active, we match the phrases that will be appropriately positioned, and we introduce significant changes on the website, which we will post. Proper positioning, it’s not just the growth of links, it’s primarily the construction of a website so that it is not only friendly to its visitors but also to search engine robots. The positioning of UK websites is slightly different from website positioning in Poland. First of all, in the UK we have slightly more competition, which means that punching through, especially on popular phrases, may take a little longer. However, once we manage to position the website, we can count on much more attention, thanks to which we can also get more money from the sale of products or services.

What to look for

There are plenty of companies that deal with the positioning of websites on the internet. Some require a monthly fee, while others only charge when the site is positioned. In the latter case, we usually deal with fraud, key phrases and the difficulty of their positioning are chosen in a way that we end up paying as much as possible, having measly results at the same time. Not knowing, many customers will accept provided phrases and pay for it, with challenging to withdraw from, positioning of the pages contracts that are often signed for a year or more. Another fact is that the pages positioned in this way are not really posted, they receive only a large number of external links, which means that if we do not have enough luck our website will disappear from the search engine index, and restoring it can take even few years! Because how to explain the actions on our website during positioning, especially if we do not know what happened until the end? Exactly. Companies that charge monthly fees usually send monthly reports, where we can clearly see if the page goes up on the given phrase or not. So on this basis, we can control the entire positioning process. To save us a lot of problems, it’s worth making sure that we do not have a long-term positioning contract.