It may seem that running a company blog makes no sense.┬áNothing could be further from the truth. Today the Internet is becoming a place where most of us are looking for products and services. We are very aware that many businesses have bought opinions and they are not true.When browsing through new companies, Internet users, based on several factors, choose the company they will use. According to our research, companies that run a company blog are much more often attracted by their offer. Of course, a blog cannot be just any kind, it should be maintained according to certain rules that emphasize the values important for the company. In the case of a construction company, the company’s blog can show the progress and quality of the work and suggest certain solutions. Catering companies on the blog can present their extended portfolio, the beautician can show the effects of their work, which will create a fantastic gallery. In each of these cases, the company’s blog will be a documentation of the activity and proof of operation.At the same time, by running a company blog, we will make our offer much better positioned in search engines and customers will get used to viewing changes on our website. In any case, by running a blog on the company’s website after a short period of time you can observe positive changes as well as an increase in the number of customers. Blogs for companies were already fashionable years ago, they are still fashionable and will certainly be for a long time to come. In the following articles we will continue this topic and show how much more people visit a company website that has a blog. We invite you to read more articles soon, from which you will learn how to run a company blog, what to pay attention to and how to make your company website much better positioned in search engines.