In recent years we can observe that the consciousness of society is changing dramatically. We are increasingly paying attention to what we eat, choosing organic and plant-based products, reading labels and choosing a cruelty-free diet. It is important for us that cosmetic products and household chemistry are not tested on animals, and that waste segregation and care for the environment is hardly surprising anymore. Without a doubt, vegan and vegetarian cuisine is now experiencing a real boom. There are more and more places where we can eat, blogs that promote this lifestyle or shops where vegans and vegetarians can buy the necessary products. Since the vast majority of our team are people for whom veganism is a lifestyle, we are happy to carry out orders for people who promote this lifestyle.

This time we decided to create a website where we will share recipes for vegan and vegetarian dishes. Each recipe will contain photographs or short films showing how these dishes are made. On the website you will find not only recipes but also an online shop where you will find articles for interior decoration, hand-made and vegan-friendly. Many people visiting our house appreciate our lifestyle, the meals we prepare with love, passion and a lot of positive energy. This made us decide to share it with you. We warmly welcome .