A car is a great advertising instrument. Advertising on a car is a great way to strengthen the image of your company and win new customers. Art Black Studio offers a car wrapping service. We do full banding with advertising graphics, as well as gluing elements – for example, making an advertisement only on the back of a car. We use very good quality foil for wrapping vehicles, thanks to which the advertisement will last for many years. For people who want to self-seal the vehicle, we have prepared stickers for self-assembly. You can cut your logo, phone number or website address. We will prepare stickers and send to you via courier.

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Each car is different, each requires the use of other materials.Here at Art Black Studio, we focus primarily on the effect. Fill out the form on the right to find out how much it can cost to wrap your car. If you do not need a professional service, but only want to select the address of the website on the car – you can also choose one of the ready packages available in our store.


By wrapping more than one car with us you will receive an attractive discount.
Do not forget to mention this by asking for a quote.

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