Most of you probably already know that ART BLACK STUDIO has been in the music business for some time. And since we’re entering the music industry, we’re doing it in style. This is how we’ve started working with the POLSKI RAP W UK brand, which has been representing Polish artists on the Polish rap scene in the UK for many years. On POLSKI RAP W UK portal you will find not only descriptions, but above all, hit lists, news and lots of music. You can also find out about planned concerts of Polish rappers or other events organised in the UK, which are important for the rapper community. Art Black Studio has undertaken a complete rebuild of the site, we want to make it more lively and interact with fans, of which there are a surprisingly large number. Polish Rap in the UK will be a really big test for us in terms of building music websites, as the last music website we created was a few years ago. Once we’ve finished building the site, we’ll be sure to let you know on our blog, so check back regularly.