This special moment, for many, the only one in life, a beautiful dress, an original suit, wonderful flower decorations and a fabulous lounge with exquisite catering and above all, a unique atmosphere, this is how the wedding looks like. It is a moment we want to remember forever, so it is worth to think about the photos and the video. In Art Black Studio we believe in magic, that’s why the films and photos we produce impress even after years. We offer video-filming of weddings for clients from the UK. We also believe that the matching photos and videos will be the best memento of this special day.

Our offer is not only filming weddings in London, it also includes the creation of the scenario. We do not accept patterns or duplication of other agencies’ work, which happens so often. We do our best to make our productions unique, just as every bride and groom is unique, coherent, funny and sometimes dramatic. Our film productions are never a shortcut. We don’t run away from the event just after midnight, we don’t use ready-made solutions, we create everything from the ground up. For our films, we make the soundtrack ourselves, cooperating with the best artists and sound technicians.

To provide comprehensive service, we also offer photography. All our work is carried out using professional equipment and our team, understood without words, ensures a great effect of our work.
With the most demanding clients , we also undertake to carry out foreign orders.We strongly encourage you to contact our company and get acquainted with the video materials we have made so far.