Dietician London

Today, we focus on making advertisement for Mrs Anna, who runs her clinic in London. Winek’s nutrition clinic helps patients, especially those who may need special care. Functional clinical testing is performed, where medicine does not work anymore, and computers failed. Personalised diet and nutrition plan is tailored to patient needs. Anna Winek Nutrition London offers both, advice and testing, which can reveal any food intolerance we may have. Knowing more, you can heal faster addressing the root cause of your disease. But what do we know about nutrition – not much, that’s why everyone interested in nutritional therapy in London is invited to the website


You are presented with a logotype that was made for Mrs Anna. The previous name of the company was long and hard to remember, while doing a rebranding, we shortened the name of the office to the surname. In this project, we focus not only on the modernisation of the logo but also on the implementation of the website, which will be connected to an online store, offering clinical tests. The site will also have a booking system where you can make reservations. The whole course must be very intuitive and easy to use – as all our websites. Finally, we will also add to the project all the prints – business cards, t-shirts with logos, as well as advertising gadgets that will tie the customer to the Winek brand and her services at the highest level even more.