Self-publishing is becoming more and more popular every year. Many people dream of publishing their own book, but publishers are not willing to cooperate and our work still lies at the bottom of the drawer.

So why not publish your own book?

Perhaps the publishing house will find a thousand reasons for this, we at Art Black Studio encourage self-publishing because, first of all, the author of the book will earn much more from every piece of art sold. Secondly, promoting your own book doesn’t have to be expensive, and the promotional work itself is usually very pleasant and allows us to meet interesting people and bring us closer to the readers. Thirdly, we have control, which we would lose when signing a contract with the publishing house. When you publish a book by yourself, you decide how it will be distributed, you decide on its appearance, printing etc.

Self-publishing is not expensive at all, there is no need to spend space expenditure, we can start from 100 – 200 copies and when we sell out the circulation, this one will be printed quickly thanks to modern digital machines, ensuring low price and excellent quality. If you want to print your own book, please contact our company. Not only will we print your book, we will help you to make the composition, but we will also design the cover, make a sales website and create an ebook or audio book.